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Description of anWriter

It helps you to write code:

It offers an autocompletion support for: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, LaTeX (PHP, SQL in full version)

It supports modern technologies:

It offers an autocompletion support for HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, and Angular

It supports FTP:

You can download a file from the FTP server, send a file to the FTP server, and browse directories on the FTP server.

It allows previewing web pages in application:

Allows you to get a quick preview of your web page. You don't need to open a browser. A JS error console is included.

It supports not only web technologies:

Besides HTML, CSS, JavaScript our editor supports syntax highlighting for C/C++, Java, Python, LaTeX. Also, it offers autocompletion for C and Python standard functions and keywords.

It is small:

Less than 2 MB installation file.

By buying this version you support further development of the editor, and get some additional features :

Unlimited redo , autocomplete support for PHP and SQL , syntax colouring settings , quick switch between documents, send file to another app (e.g. Google Drive) .

Full list of features:

- Syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, LaTeX, C/C++,Java, Python languages

- Web pages preview in the application

- Autocompletion for HTML tags and attributes including user created class names and Ids

- Autocompletion for JavaScript objects, variables and functions

- Autocompletion for CSS selectors, rules and attributes

- Autocompletion for Bootstrap and AngularJS classes and attributes

- Autocompletion for jQuery functions and selectors

- Autocompletion for keywords and standard library functions for C/C++ and Python languages

- Autocompletion for LaTeX commands.

- Downloading files from the FTP server

- Uploading files to the FTP server

- Browse directories on the FTP server

- Bottom toolbar with most used characters and cursor controls.

- Search and replace, using regular expressions

- Unlimited undo

- Different codepages support

- Line numbering

- Copy/paste

- Several opened files at the same time

- Hardware keyboard support

- Font size settings

Full version features:

- No adds

- Autocompletion for PHP functions and variables

- Autocompletion for SQL

- Light theme

- Syntax coloring settings

- Autocompletion in find and replace fields

- Unlimited Redo

- Quick switch between documents

- Send file to another app (e.g. Google Drive)

WARNING! Current version of the editor fully suports only English-like scripts (Latin, Cyrillic, Creek etc.)South and Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern scripts support will be added in future releases.


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